March and family weekend in Preston: July 2019

Preston Windrush Generation

This group is a voice for the descendants; the next generation of Windrush and immigrants that have lived here and made the UK their home.

Preston Windrush Generation & Descendants UK came about when Sekeena Kydd, who lives in Preston, applied for a passport for her daughter to go on a school trip in Summer 2019. The passport application was declined and Sekeena had nowhere in Preston to go for help and advice.

Her dilemma now was not what is this Windrush Scandal, but questioning who she is and where does she come from?

Sekeena was advised to contact the Windrush Taskforce set up by the current government. This has proved to be very stressful for Sekeena, her partner and children. Besides being the main carer for her son with autism, she found it really challenging. Her whole family has come out to support her. Her friend, Glenda Andrew, is asking that Preston and the UK support and help her too.

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Windrush Crusade
Glenda Andrew and Sekeena Kydd with Anthony Brown (centre) from the Windrush Crusade and Windrush Defenders

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Latest News:

Windrush Generation and Descendants UK Conference

Date: 24th March 2020
Time:18.00 -20.30
Delivered by: Windrush Generation and Descendants UK, Home Office (Task force)
Location: Scholars Restaurant, Foster building (Blue Zone) Corporation St, Preston PR1 2HE
Open to: Students, Staff and Community

Following the Windrush scandal, (PWGD UK) the EU Settlement scheme was introduced by the government and many EU nationals in Lancashire and the UK have until December 2020 to also amend their status. The fear is we don’t want another scandal, therefore we will also be raising awareness and sharing information that can benefit the whole community.

This conference will answer the following questions:

  • What is the Windrush Scheme and How it works?
  • What is the Windrush Compensation, who can apply?
  • Who are the Commonwealth citizens settled in the UK before 1 January 1973?
  • How Windrush, Commonwealth and EU nationals are being affected if they don’t fix their status?

This goes much deeper and a lesson in Black History is required!

On 10th May 2019, there was a Drop In Advice and Workshop at the Plunginton Community Centre. Rev Desmond Jaddoo of the Windrush Movement was a speaker at the meeting. You can watch the video here

windrush movement
We are supported by the Windrush Movement, led by Rev Desmond Jaddoo

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What Happened?

support for people affected by windrush

The UK Passport Office said that Sekeena's daughter is not a British Citizen or British National, even though both Sekeena and her daughter were born in the UK.

Even though Sekeena's father is British, she was told that they only look at the mothers’ lineage, not the father's.

Sekeena's mother came here to the UK in 1962, age 7. She was from St Vincent's, an island in the West Indies which is part of the Commonwealth.

As her mother was not British, this meant that Sekeena and her daughter are not British either and this is why her daughter’s passport was declined.

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Help and Support

Preston Windrush Generation & Descendants UK is supporting people affected by the immigration and humanitarian problems caused by the Windrush Scandal.

If you want to show support for Sekeena Kydd Muncey and her family, please subscribe and share!

If you need or require any help, or filling in forms, need an advocate, someone to speak on your behalf or make the call, or of you just need to talk, or need advice and support, we are here for you too!

If you can help by offering any services, funding or donations please contact us.

This group is open to anyone in the same situation as Sekeena or knows of anyone who has been in this situation of citizenship or Nationalisation. Because up until now, if you don't know your nationality, this could happen to anyone in the UK!

Thank you for reading about Preston Windrush Generation & Descendants UK. We hope we can come together, regardless of colour or race, and learn, grow and make a difference together!

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advocacy service in preston

PWGD UK Advocacy Services

Preston Windrush Generation & Descendants UK (PWGD UK) Advocacy Services exist to provide a free, independent and confidential service for those affected by the Windrush scandal

It is aimed at people who

  • have questions
  • want to claim compensation
  • want information about the Immigration Act
  • want to check their status, or apply for citizenship by means of the Windrush Taskforce Scheme.

We work with a wide range of people who are vulnerable and who require HELP AND SUPPORT. This includes people who have been affected by the Windrush, EU Nationals and Commonwealth scandal and the hostile environment including those who have mental health problems or learning difficulties.

We work with Individuals and families, young people, adults and older people from all backgrounds and a wide range of communities from the commonwealth. Many of our clients don’t have anyone else to support them. Contact us if you have questions about your human rights, birth rights, how to claim compensation and how the Immigration Act may have affected yourself and your family for generations.

Most of our work is now provided through the Preston Windrush Generation and Descendants UK, affiliated with Racial Equality Diversity Council, Preston. We are supported by the Windrush Crusade and the Windrush Movement UK, in which we are the leading partner.

Our Advocacy Surgeries

Book your appointment for our Windrush Scheme Applications, Windrush Compensation applications or someone to talk to for help and advice

Bookings are by appointment only

Tuesdays between 10.00 am and 12.30 pm at the Racial Equality Council Preston & Western Lancashire, Town Hall Annexe, Birley St, Preston. PR1 2QE
Telephone: 07564 732 983 

Tuesday evenings: 7:30 pm at the Stanley Arms, Lancaster Road, Preston (to speak to advisor, please book an appointment - Telephone: 07564 732 983 )

There is also a Community Forum Meeting, every Wednesday at Preston Town Hall.

This is for PWGD UK members, committee and the public to bring ideas and share common aims and objectives in raising the awareness of

  • Windrush
  • Citizenship and birthrights
  • The "hostile environment"
  • Humanitarian issues

Please note that we are closed on Bank Holidays


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Donations help towards our administrative costs - postage, stationery, etc.
We fund ourselves, so any amount, no matter how small, will help